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There are many ways nowadays to incorporate SEO practices into your social media platforms. Even though social media can have the potential to do well without the SEO tools, why not strengthen the probability of a viral video or a jump in followers by implying some SEO into your platforms? 

At Defiant SEO, we are a tried and trusted SEO and digital marketing service located in Manchester. Since beginning our journey, we have experimented and found some of the best ways to launch social media posts into the world with a strong and organic audience.  

Social media is an important tool to invest your time in if you are a business. Not only can it drive traffic to your website, but it also gives your future clients and customers a glimpse into who is behind the business. It is an authentic way for your audience to familiarise themselves with who works within your team and also what kind of products or services you are promoting.  

Brand awareness is something that is becoming greater every day, so with the helping hand of an organically grown social media platform, whether it is Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or all of the social platforms combined, you can really build something great. 

When a brand or business creates high-quality and human generated content, it allows the algorithm to connect you with people that are searching for exactly what you are promoting.  

SEO is pure magic, even for social media! It gives you an even better chance to connect with an authentic audience and it can be done really easily. We have experimented with apps such as TikTok over the last year and we have seen how well it can work for businesses.  

From supporting two charities to our own profile, we have helped grow these accounts organically, and that is because of our bespoke SEO skills. 

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