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Here at Defiant SEO, we believe that success is not just about financial gain, but about creating a better future for businesses and leaving a positive impact on the world. Throughout this blog, we would like to share our journey so far on how we have made a positive impact through our business and charity efforts. 

Defiant SEO’s Business Philosophy- 

Our business consists of a strong foundation of knowledge in this industry that we have gained through our years of experience. We strive to elevate our client’s business to the next level with the help of our skills and knowledge. We can proudly say we go above and beyond for every single client to ensure all their goals, wishes, and targets are met. Defiant SEO defies the odds when it comes to our work. One thing that sets us apart from others in this industry is our passion and involvement in charities. 

Defiant SEO’s Charitable Partnerships- 

Speed of Sight: 

Speed of Sight is the first charity we sponsor here at Defiant SEO. Their mission is to provide opportunities for children and adults of all abilities. They give the blind the opportunity to experience a circuit track drive. They do outstanding work, and we are really thankful to work so closely with them. We show our support by attending some of their fantastic track days with the whole team at Defiant SEO. 

EGG Charity: 

The other charity that we support is EGG. Their mission is to provide long-term solutions for individuals living on the streets, helping them get their own homes and work. They have transformed many lives through their beautiful work, which is why we continue to support and sponsor them! 

Employee Engagement- 

Our employees are the driving force behind our mission. We encourage them to actively participate in our chosen charities. The Defiant SEO team is passionate about making a positive impact beyond the office walls. 

Overall, our mission is to help the world through business and charity. We invite you to join us on this journey of making the world a better place. For more information about our SEO or marketing services, please get in touch. 




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