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If you’re searching for some reliable and interesting SEO tips for blog writing, then you have come to the right place! By educating yourself in all things SEO, you will be sure to see a positive difference for your business. Let’s dive straight into the blog tips we have for you… 

Blog Posts 

Writing blog posts requires skill and a strong understanding of your client and their niche. By doing some research into who you will be working alongside will allow you to educate yourself in a new topic. It also gives you a chance to create some premium content for your clients. 

Blog writing can be easy if you do them right. Take a look below at three tips we have to write the perfect blog: 

  • Spelling and Grammar – having an editor tool on hand when writing your blogs will help you avoid any mishaps, and you can confidently submit your work to the client. 
  • Topics – up next, we have topics, to write the perfect blog for SEO purposes, you must write blogs surrounding the topic of your given keywords.  
  • Keywords – moving swiftly onto keywords. Keywords are the key to SEO; they are the cherry on top. Your keywords will vary from client to client, they will have a niche-specific keyword and if they would like an area-specific keyword adding in too. For example, small jewellery businesses in Manchester. These can be added into your blog outro. 
  • Regular content – uploading content regularly to your website will help to increase your ranking further and it is also an extra invitation for visitors to check out your website. We recommend uploading content at least once a week in order for you to see a difference, especially when starting out. 
  • Word count – while writing can be boring for some, others find it the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills into words. For SEO blog writing we recommend sticking to a minimum of 350 words. 

For more information about our premium SEO Marketing services, please contact us via email or phone call to book in with us today! 

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