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Here is something that you probably did not know, SEO is not limited to websites only. In fact, it can be applied to social media platforms too. There are many SEO methods you can use to optimise your social media platforms to ensure your page is reaching the right audience. Social media platforms are swiftly becoming search engines, so the collision between SEO and social media was bound to happen. In today’s article, we are going to explain how SEO can be done across social media platforms and even share some top tips to help you get started.

First, it is important to note that SEO practices will vary depending on the platform. Some of the best social media sites to optimise include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The benefits of social SEO include getting your content seen, growing your platforms, and reaching a whole new audience (typically younger). How do you actually SEO social media sites, you ask? Well, it is not much different from traditional SEO. Start with keywords. As we know, social media platforms are swiftly becoming search engines themselves. So, compile a list of some niche keywords that align with your business and start to incorporate them into every aspect of your content and social media pages. If you search up a keyword in the search engine of a social media site, all the other relevant things people are searching for regarding that keyword will come up. Use all this information to your advantage! Now let’s explore some tips for specific social media platforms.

TikTok Tips:

  • Incorporate keywords into all aspects of your profile.
  • Say and type keywords into your content.
  • Use consistent hashtags.
  • Search for a keyword in the search bar, and copy the other relevant suggestions.

Twitter Tips:

  • Add keywords to your bio, etc.
  • Include relevant keywords in the hashtag.
  • Add alt text.

Instagram Tips:

  • Geo-tag your location especially, if you are doing a local campaign.
  • Use subtitles.
  • Add keywords all around your profile.

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